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TMI Wireless
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   TMI offers calling plans, phones and accessories for Alltel, AT&T, Nextel, Sprint, T–Mobile and Verizon. You get paid for confirmed sales and you get overrides for your downline’s confirmed sales to two levels. But you don’t get anything for the monthly sales after the phone is delivered.

   This is a Subscription product. Most of the other products that are free to start don’t make any money until you upgrade and they usually have a monthly fee. Because you can make money with this one without start–up or monthly cost it is a good one to be on.

   However, this is not a high demand product and the downline is only two levels deep so even if you get the traffic, the income won’t be that great in the long run. You might consider it a "mudflap product" worth signing up for but not for bringing home the groceries.

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