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   We hesitated before we accepted this as LaidBack Advertising. Technically, it is almost not passive enough. But the fact it is a money maker turned the tide. This a welcome addition to the LaidBack Promotion Plan. Sign up, pay up, send emails and hold on. Life will no longer be the same.

   Seven people in your downline and it is paid for from then on. After that, you are in the money. No, it isn’t making big bucks. However, it generates recruits who sign up on other products in the Exchange and that is where the big bucks are. The best part is they are going to sign up for at least 15 products by the time they are Grand Associates. Sure, it may take a year maybe two. But, it could happen in six months.

   Purportedly, these are not dime sale leads. They are advertised as fresh, qualified, exclusive, looking for income leads. The actuality is they are just like all the rest with one exception, they are dirt cheap. One of the leading sources of Opp leads charges twice as much for leads like these and you have to use your own mailer.

   Here is the 5 layer commission schedule for Organic Prospects affiliates:


   As you can see from the diagram, it takes 1260 recruits to fill your downline. When it is filled up, that is 88,200 leads a day coming into our contact list. If 1% become members that will eventually generate another 13,600 signups for products in the Exchange. The point is it doesn’t have to work that good to get phenomenal results.

   Our system adds the recruit to the sponsor’s first level. So, if a sub-affiliate on your third level gets a recruit, that recruit will be on your fourth level. All of your downline will be getting recruits

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