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Get a passive income with netSpend
netSpend Debit Card
You must click the product image in the Axey Exchange
in order to join this product in the Association.

   Who really needs another debit card? Anyone who wants $20 over and over again and does transactions on the Net. If you use it to back up PayPal or just to make purchases, it only has as much cash in it as you put in. There is no fee for a Direct Deposit. It can be handy.

   The netSpend image you click in the Exchange is how everyone gets their URL for the "automated referral engine". When you sign up with netSpend as an Axey Associate, you are the one someone has netSpend send $20. You will get $20 when you charge your new netSpend card and so will they.

   It happens for you when your link comes up the next time around. Over and over again. If you tell people to go to any link that gets them to the Axey Exchange, they could be your new referral. If you keep quiet about it, the traffic remains the same.

   The big deal is you can get $20 for every referral as long as netSpend keeps the Refer A Friend program going. If you are reading this, they are still doing it.

   We don’t charge for netSpend conversions because we want to have as many ways for people to experience our service and see we are for real and are not going to take their money and run. Axey is a passive income source that you don’t have to retire in order to get.

   You cannot be in a hurry with this. It takes days to get your card and at least another day to get it loaded and credited with the gratis $20. Since you cannot join the Association without a URL you can use another product to get it done and then use the Activity Reporter to input your netSpend URL when you get it.

   Every product you visit is on your Visited Products List as a Candidate and is transferred to your back office when you join.

   Go here for the pitch page and instructions, netSpend Debit Card

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