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Get recruits and a passive income with My Advertising Pays
My Advertising Pays
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    This is for those who need some little thing to do every day and who want to make serious bucks. My Advertising Pays is a super sized ThoseAds. Give yourself an hour or two to assimilate everything, both in the pitch page and the back office. You need to be serious about what you want and how you want to do it when you do My Advertising Pays.

   You might say My Advertising Pays is "Not-So-LaidBack Advertising." You are required to view 10 ads every day. May not sound like much but it is easy to forget. And, forget is not what you want to do because it hits you right in the pocketbook.

      You purchase advertising in "Credit Packs" for $50 each. You are "Paid to Click" such that you accumulate $60 credit for every Credit Pack you purchase. The idea is you get five Credit Packs so at the end of the month you can purchase another and have six Credit Packs. By rolling over your Credit Packs you can reach the limit of 1200 Credit Packs. After that you must withdraw all your cash ($3,500) since you can't buy any more.

      So, what do you do with the Credit Pack? They allow you to post text ads, banners, et cetera for what ever it is you are promoting. If you have your own product or service, you can use it for that or if you want to use it for LaidBack Advertising we provide the content for the ads and you monitor the signups. Either way you will get sign ups to My Advertising Pays from both sources.

   They have basically two kinds of affiliate URLs. One that you promote and one that we promote. If you promote your own My Advertising Pays URL you will be able to use whatever suits your purpose. If you are going to promote the Association you need to use your generic URL and not one of the banners, optins, et cetera. It is the one with your member number on it. You use it when you provide a My Advertising Pays affiliate URL to the Association.

   It only takes about 500 Credit Packs to get an income most people would kill for or at least go to school for 8 years. See Jeremy Page video but don't sign up with him.

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