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   Listia is a new twist on the auction Site scene. You post pictures of items that you would like to give away and others will bid on them using points gained by being active on the Listia Site. It’s like an eBay clone where you spend points instead of money.

    What makes is sorta neat is you pay to have it shipped to the one who wins he bid. That way everything is free to the bidder. Since you get points for posting your item, you are able to get stuff free.

    Joining as an Axey Associate allows you to get points without referring anyone. Right now they are giving 10,000 credits to the one whose referral URL is used and they give 1000 credits to the one who joins. Since 1000 credits will only get you modest stuff it is a good time to get a bunch of credits while they are still doing it.

   Needless to say, joining Listia in the Axey Exchange works just like all the rest of the products. Your referrals are added without your effort whether you are waking, sleeping, eating, working or playing.

   If you do refer someone, use this URL,, instead of your Listia referral URL because your Listia referral URL will be on the rotator. With everyone sending referrals to the same link you have a much better chance of getting a sign up. Most people get here because of the advertising the Association does.

   If you decide to use Listia as a "proof of opportunity," you must join the Axey Association using Listia. Once we provide you with a referral, you have about 30 days in which to set up your recurring $30 memebership fee. If you fail to set it up, you will be placed on "Disassociate Status" until you are current. Should you go beyond 60 days you will be Disassociated and will no longer be eligible for membership.

   Should you decide to opt out of the Association, your membership with Listia will remain in place but you will no longer get signups from our service. Moreover, the Association is "easy in, easy out". Our service is intended primarily for people who cannot get an income any other way. We allow everyone to join but anyone who terminates their membership obviously doesn’t need our service.

   In the event your fiscal status degenerates after termination, you would have to provide documentation of your fiscal incapacity in order to reinstate your membership.

   Check out the Axey Triple Threat . You can get a passive income that starts at $50 a month and gets to over $400 in less than a year. It takes 2 hours to set up and 10 minutes a week to keep it going.
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