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Housing 4 Life
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   Sounds good! But the odds are you will wait a long time before you can count your chickens. They use a 1 X 6 cycler that gets you $125 every time you go through. It takes a mere 46,656 people to join under you before you get your $60,575. Like all programs of this ilk, it is only the first 10,000 or so that really get anything close to what they claim.

   However, any thing you get is better than refinancing. Especially when you triple your money with the first cycle and you don’t have to do any promoting in order to get there.

   WARNING! This program is a "Minni Me" of the Axey Exchange. Housing4Life has a number of products (see below) they promote that get you a downline without effort on your part. The problem is you can only join any given product once. So, if you join it with them you can’t use the Axey Association for that product.

   The ones circled in red are in the Exchange already and the others will be brought in as we find people to bring them in.

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