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   We turn "No Sponsoring Required" into "No Sponsoring Necessary." If you want to make real money with eProfiteXtreme, you have to promote it or depend on spillover. It’s just the way it is unless you use the Axey Association. Then you let us promote it.

   We do what eProfiteXtreme would like to do. When you have your eProfiteXtreme URL in our system, you do not need to sponsor any one in eProfiteXtreme.

   eProfiteXtreme is intended to be used as part of the LaidBack Advertising made available by the LaidBack Promotion Plan but it can be used for your product.

   We don’t charge for eProfiteXtreme conversions because we want to have as many ways for people to experience our service and see we are for real and are not going to take their money and run. Axey is a passive income source that you don’t have to retire in order to get.

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