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epic Lyfe
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   epic Lyfe offers a wide range of life improving products. Among them is "vapormones," a new application of aroma therapy using vapor inhalers similar to e-cigarettes but able to use a wide variety of "remedies" similar to what is found in aroma therapy and flower remedies.

   You can use vapor inhalers normally used with aroma therapy or the inhalers provided by epic Lyfe.

   The vapormones offer remedies for weight loss, memory loss, weight gain, stress reduction, appetite suppression but also includes an alertness enhancer and sleep improvement.

   There are also numerous products for weight loss, nutrition, skin care and more.

   Be prepared to spend some time figuring out which products to use. Regardless of what ails you, there is probabley something epic Lyfe has that can help you out.

   This is also a good product to cover your Autoship Product requirement.

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