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      This is a payment processor using bits of gold as units of currency. This could be very handy given the world’s currency situation.

   For the time being, they are giving 0.25 gram of gold to who ever opens an account and to whoever referrs them. It isn’t big bucks but you don’t do much either. However, by using our service, you get referrals without referring. Now you can see the bits add up!

   The object of this exercise is to get BitGold branded, on one hand, and on the other let you see how easy it is to use our service.

   If you like filling out applications, you are in the right place (hey, it’s better than marketing). When you are done getting your bit of gold, go over to the Axey Triple Threat and get some more applications to fill out. It’s worth over $100 and puts you on track to make $200 a month for less than an hour of your time.

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