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Youngevity – Isola Luce
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in order to join this product in the Association.

   If you enjoy scented candles, these may be the best. Made from 100% pure palm oil, they are the brightest and cleanest burning candle available. They have a wide variety of scents and are very eco–friendly.
   Be patient when you get to the Youngevity site and don’t find Isola Luce. You have to click on "I Want to Shop" in the menu bar and look for Isola Luce under "BRANDS" in the menu on the left.
   If you decide to join Youngevity, be sure to be on the "Home Page" (get there by clicking the "90 for Life logo" in the upper left) and click the link "I Want to Join".

   Isola Luce is another of 20+ product lines under the Youngevity umbrella. Even though Youngevity is free to join you don’t get the full advantage of being a member until you upgrade to Pro. Their selection surpasses nearly all the other product lines in the Axey Exchange. You can spend hours looking at them.

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