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Youngevity – Healing America
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   Healing America is one of a number of product lines marketed by Youngevity. They have a full line of products addressing de–tox, nutrition, supplements, prevention and weight loss that will equal or exceed most of what the market has to offer. Their liquid nutritional supplement, Nectavida, is packaged dry allowing you to mix it with spring water or apple cider, if you are into a delicious juice drink.

   They are very competitive in the variety of products, the discounts and their commission plan. It is definitely worth a look as an Autoship Product or Associate Product.

   Be patient when you get to the Youngevity site and don’t find Healing America. You have to click on "I Want to Join" or "I Want to Shop " and look for Healing America under "BRANDS" the menu on the left. If you decide to join Youngevity, be sure to be on the "Home Page" and click the link "I Want to Join".

   Youngevity is free to join but you cannot get commissions until you are on autoship with one of their many products.

   This is may not be a good product to cover your Autoship Product requirement as there are so many products you are better off being an affiliate.

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