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   Kevin Drewlo says,"Supposedly, Xyngular is one of the better tasting juices out there according to the information we found. It is said to have won 37 out of 40 blind taste tests against Xango, Mona vie, Mandura and Tahitian Nori." That is an improvement as Xango was the last super fruit Marc Walker (CEO of Xyngular) promoted.

   Again, taste tells the tale. If you like it, buy it. Even so, someone complained that they use artificial sweetners.

   We don’t have the first affiliate URL we came across as they gave up before we contacted them. That is very typical of most MLM programs. You learn the hard way how tough internet marketing is. As tough as it is, Chain marketing is a walk in the park compared to doing it the "old " way. Just try to contact your friends, neighbors and family about the latest super fruit drink.

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