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Xocai Chocolate
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   They call it "healthy" chocolate. A bottle of Xocai is $8 cheaper than a bottle of another brand, maybe it’s because it isn’t organic. Even so, it is much cheaper to get going in the other brand. Not being organic makes it not quite as good as the other brand, but the higher cost doesn’t keep this one from being a good bet for the Axey associate.

   Worth noting is they guarantee up to 50% of the commissionable volume of your organization. That may explain the difference in cost of doing business. You may want to eat the other brand and sell Xocai after you have made a few bucks with the other brand.

    If you are a chocoholic, you have just found your Nirvana.

   Very spendy as an autoship product but if you like it you will have the bucks to get it from your product income stream.

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