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The WholeFood Farmacy
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   There is almost no reason not to add this product to your list. You will not find higher quality, better tasting whole food snacks anywhere. They have a unique and interesting selection of snacks, beverages, soups, et cetera that can’t help but intrigue anyone interested in good nutrition.

   Good quality food reduces the need for supplements. With the food supply being what it is today, whole foods could almost be categorized as supplements. Either way, they can’t hurt you.

   The Farmacy is no longer MLM. It is more like an ARM (Affiliate Referral Marketing). Their new system does not have the typical affiliate URL. Consequently becoming an affilate is more involved as we must go through a process to get a URL to use with our system.

   Be aware that unlike most of the products and services in the Exchange, applications for being an affilliate are not accepted outright. You must wait for them to accept your application. They use code scripts placed on your Site to track your activity. So, if you don’t have a website, don’t be surprised if they turn you down.

    We count it as an Autoship Product to help maintain your autoship ratio. Use this link for an autoship sign up: Farmacy Autoship. You must use this link in order for us to confirm your autoship activity with the Farmacy. If you use the link from the image above, it will put you on a Farmacy site but not one that we can monitor. Consequently, we will not be able to confirm your autoship.

   The WholeFood Farmacy is one of the Axey Health & Weight Management Plan’s products. Together they are used to manage your weight and maintain your health. It was the formation of this plan that proved to be the seed for Axey Exchange and the Axey Association. Recognizing that all of these products could be used to compliment one another contributed to seeing that several consumer based MLM products could be marketed together to the advantage of all.

    See Axey Health & Weight Management Plan.

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