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   SlimBerry is made from the following: Acai berry, Fulvic Minerals, Zeolites, Vitamin D3 , Moringa, Elliagic Acid, Maqui Berry–Maqui Berries, and New Zealand Black Currant. Being a concentrate, you don’t have to drink one ounce a day like most liquid nutritional supplements. Instead, you add the concentrated drops to the liquid of choice.

   Wela claims SlimBerry promotes weight loss in addition to fulfilling your nutritional needs. There is only one way to find out what it can do for you.
   The advantage of a single product MLM endeavor is not having to learn about all those products.

   Wela has a very prolific auto–responder recruiting system (Powerline) that could get you any number of recruits. However, your affiliate URL (as their sponsor) will not be on their Visited Websites list should they visit the Exchange and become a Candidate.

   If they visit the Axey Exchange using your marketing URL and click the Wela Product link, they will not get your affiliate URL (as their sponsor) nor will they have a Visitor’s email with you as a sponsor in the join link. In other words, you will not get Associate recruits by contacting your Wela downline about the Association. However, you will get a referral bonus and they may end up in your downline or the downline of one or your other products.

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