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J.R. Watkins Products
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   Watkins has stood the test of time. Doing business since 1868, they offer products with "the finest natural ingredients." The wide array of products tends to make this more of "marketing" than a consumer Associate Product. That means Watkins is contrary to the Axey effort to "consumerize" MLM products. Associate marketing works the best with the single product nutritional supplements. However, there are a large number of satisfied customers out there using Watkins products. Consequently, we are including the Watkins line in our Associate Product selection even though it is more of a business than we would like.

   Yes, all of our products are intended as businesses and we want it that way. We, at Axey, are just using a different way to move product. One that doesn’t involve selling something to everyone in sight. We do not encourage accosting anyone within arms length about any product (or the Axey Association for that matter).

   Like other "products" in the Axey Exchange, Watkins, is actually a product line. If Watkins products is where you want to spend your money you will have no problem here as an autoship product.

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