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   Weight management and health management are nearly the same. Getting healthy is important weather you loose weight or not. We have a number of products that can help you to eat right and find out if your nutritional habits are making you overweight. Check it out and see how many products are right for you.

   Keep in mind that herbal preparations may not provide permanent weight loss. Often there are multiple ingredients in herbal weight loss preparations, some of which may have serious side effects and can lead to potentially dangerous toxicities (if you watch TV or read magazines, you will find the majority of drugs on the market have very serious side effects and severe toxicities). The use of herbal remedies to lose weight is not generally recommended by the medical community due to the risk of toxicities and lack of effectiveness. Look before you leap.

   Of course, the medical community doesn’t have a generic weight loss preparation beyond the obvious "eat less to weigh less " (that isn’t always the outcome). Nor do they readily admit that the majority of drugs (prescription and over–the–counter) owe their origin to research and development of substances found in plants and herbs.

  The Axey Health & Weight Management Plan proved to be the seed for Axey Exchange and the Axey Association. Recognizing that all of these products could be used to compliment one another contributed to seeing that several consumer based MLM products could be marketed together to the advantage of all. See Axey Health & Weight Management Plan.

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