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U.S. Aloe
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   US Aloe is Aloe Vera taken to the next level. The utility of your own plant is amazing enough for external purposes. What they have done is create products for internal purposes far more palatable then what you can do at home.

   The have three products, AloeControl, AloeBoost and AloeRest: one for apetite control, one for energy, one for sleep.

   AloeRest with melatonin, valerian, St. John’s Wort and L–Trypophan is for sleep . They recommend not using the AloeRest every day. They don’t say if one is the antidote for the other but if you use AloeBoost every day and can’t use AloeRest every day you may have a problem after a week or two.

   AloeControl is for curbing your appetite, it uses Hoodia Gordini, Humuluis Lupulus and Caraluma Fimbriata as the active ingredients.

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