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Silver Tornado
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   This is a “downline builder” for 8 programs involving the acquisition of silver and gold. One of the programs allows you to purchase and sell gold for 40% of spot price out of pocket. The kicker is you have to get referrals to make up the difference. When all is said and done you make $7 for every $1 out of pocket. You can get them with Axey Associate Prospector but you might want to do some promoting on your own.

   You will find so many options here you want to be sure you have 30 minutes to spend before you go there.

   Of the 8 programs, several have non–autoship like possibilities. As affiliate programs go these are hard to fit any category we have in the Axey Exchange. They cannot be Associate Products or Autoship Products. They are somewhat like a Subscription Product but you don’t have to subscribe to the service to be an affiliate. We call the Silver Tornado a Subscription Product and leave it at that.

   You don’t have to buy anything in order to promote the Silver Tornado but you won’t make nearly as much as you would if you were participating in any or all 8 programs.

   The Prospector only promotes the downline builder program. If the demand is there, we will put each of the programs on their own Conversion Link.

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