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   A fully automated sales and recruiting platform for mobile marketing that includes sales funnels, list builder, contact manager and much more that will allow you to better utilize your time marketing any product or products.

   This is an Application service provider or SaaS that allows you to access what could prove to be the ultimate marketing tool from anywhere in the world and scales your use from hundreds to thousands of subscribers.

   Keeping track of multiple products and split test sales funnels can be painstaking and nerve racking. RemarkaMobile allows you to maintain an overview while taking care of the day to day.RemarkaMobile is set up for real time operation using SMS to maintain customer contact.

   Whether you are marketing one product or dozens, you will find RemarkaMobile a timesaver of the highest order.

   If you are looking at is as a business opportunity, it is perhaps the most vaiable and lucrative means to an extremely large income if you are willing to apply yourself to learning the system and doing the marketing they teach you.

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