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Pet Protector
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   The Pet Protector looks like an ID tag but it is nano technology in action. It protects your pet from fleas and ticks for up to four years without chemicals delivered to your door in 72 hours for $73.40.

   The Pet Protector disc is aluminum ’charged’ with electromagnetic & scalar waves using Lenz Law principle to repel fleas and ticks. These waves create a protective, bio–resonance field, driving away parasites and preventing new ones from being hosted by your pet.

   They have four joining levels: Ambassador 15 day free trial, Senior Rep at $170, Manager at $545 and Senior Manager at $2087. You get 3 discs as a Senior Rep, 11 discs as a Manager and 56 discs as a Senior Manager. We don’t recommend joining at the higher levels unless you have buyers for the discs before you purchase them or you have the pets to put them on.

   Just know ahead of time that your pet must be free of infestation before you put the Pet Protector in place. For some reason it doesn't affect the vermin on the animal. It only prevents them from getting on the animal.

   Lavender oil works good to remove vermin from your pet. Mix lavendar essential oil with olive oil or the like at 3 to 1 lavender so you have enough to rub in to the skin of the entire animal. Let sit for an hour or so and shampoo to remove the oils. Then do it again. This will keep your pet clear of vermin for months.

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