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Nutronix Revolution
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   Nutronix has a number of innovative and eclectic products. It also offers several in competition with others.

   NuReve, NuSulin, Cellfood and Ziva are the nutritional supplements. They have a water additive, O2 pH, which is comparable to ionized water. In addition, they have Nuttronix World, The Clubhouse for the members. You have access to a wide array of discounts on travel, sports events, movies, restaurants, et certera. You would do well to have a hard look at what they have to offer regardless of how you want to use it.

   Like other "products" in the Axey Exchange, Nutronix, is actually a product line. If the Nutronix products is where you want to spend your money you will have no problem here as an autoship product.

   Caveat emptor! if you become an affiliate, " ...selling any products that are either related or unrelated to products offered by the Company to those you have not personally sponsored is strictly prohibited." From the Terms & Conditions of Nutroix Revolution.

   Not all products have this restriction. Even though you do not have to actively promote Nutronix (and probably won’t) you may want to use Nutronix as an Autoship Product.

   This is the beauty of the Association. You don’t have to (and should refrain from doing so) promote or sell any of the products in the Axey Exchange. You buy the products you want and you buy conversions for the same. The only promoting you do is to get others to look at the Association and the Exchange.

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