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Nutritional Supplements

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   "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Science hasn’t proved nutritional supplements promote good health. The fact that millions of people use them is attributed to "similar" social beliefs like the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. We believe in the people.

   We might mention they all taste good if you like grape juice. As it turns out, most use a substantial percentage of white grape, concord grape, apple, pear and other fruit juices in addition to their "active" ingredients, which get top billing.

   There are many supplements out there all claiming to be the best when, in fact, none of them are since the best one isn’t even made. However, that is another story.

   Nutritional supplements are in the border land between food and medicament. Many use what are considered medicinal herbs. You should watch how many medicinal herbs are used if it is a blend of herbs. The more different kinds of medicaments in the blend the less effective it will be.

   Most herbalists agree it isn’t a good idea to take herbal remedies day after day, month after month. They say it is better to take a break from the remedy once a week or one month out of the year otherwise your body becomes immune to the benefits of the remedy. Of course, you need to check the ingredients to see what kind of herbs are used and how much.

   The majority of liquid nutritional supplements use the juice of one or more exotic fruits that contain anti–oxidants and other ingredients known to promote health and vigor. As commendable as it may be to offer a way to get needed nutrients, they are, all, neglecting fat–soluble vitamins.

   If there were ever nutrients that needed supplementing, it is those found in living fats and oils. As such, any consideration to use a supplement should include the fat-soluble vitamins in fresh fats and oils. We would have to include butter as a supplement, in this case, as it has been displaced from the average diet by a variety of nutritionally inferior products. Although flaxseed oil is considered nutritionally superior in many respects, it is also the most likely to spoil before you have a chance to use it. The next best candidate is hempseed oil.

   In any event, be aware that the butter on the market is not what it could be. Cows need to eat only grass in order to make the best butter. Even so, the inferior butter you find on the shelf is far better than oleo margerine or any of the other butter substitutes.

   In order to take advantage of the exotic fruit supplements it is well to use fermented foods and beverages to get the necessary bacteria for good digestion. Yogurt, cottage cheese, quark and kefir are all good choices but kefir has practical advantages in addition to a long list of beneficial microorganisms. Making kefir is simple and easy because all you need are kefir grains, milk and an appetite that can keep up with the production.

    Responding to the demand for products to manage weight, we have set up the Axey Health & Weight Management Plan. We have seen how obesity has developed into a plague of sorts because of the poor nutritional choices available and the abundance of people who don’t know better. We realize nutritional supplements are a finger in the dike but we need to do something sooner than later. When more people know better we will have the necessary production in place to fulfill the demand. Until then we can use supplements.

   We recommend a person use at least two supplements, but alternating between them day to day. Check out what we have on board. You can try them out, find the ones you like, then cycle thru them.

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