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Motor Club of America
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   If you belong to any other auto club, take a look at the Motor Club of America. If you don't belong to a motor club, this is a good way to supplement your auto insurance and fatten your pocketbook. Triple A doesn't have a pay plan and their benefits list is shorter.

    MCA uses the TVC Matrix for promotion. All who join thru Axey are under the same Team Leader. That means you can refer all questions and issues to him should someone contact you about MCA.

   You can refer people to your MCA site or you can send them to the Axey Association. Just remember if they join under you without being a member of the Axey Association, they cannot use the Axey Association for MCA should they ever become a member of the Axey Association. You are better off in the long run to use as your referral URL even though they may not get you as their sponsor. That isn't a problem since MCA doesn't rely on the sponsor/recruit relationship. They use the Team Leader instead.

   Even though you may not get the one you refer, you will invariably get one that someone else refers (just like all the other products in the Axey Exchange).

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