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   A proprietary blend of aloe, ecklonia cava extract, black currant and concord grape sweetened with stevia, it purports to boost your immune system, protect your cells and elevate your senses.Given that others of a similar blend have done just that, we leave it to your taste to determine if you use it or not. One person claims it put more lead in his pencil than Viagra.

   This is more an "old school" product as far as they set it up so you have to carry an inventory in order to be qualified for higher commissions. Of course, the idea is you find others to "help" you drink your inventory. At 2 oz a day, you only get a week out of a bottle. Two bottles are $40. You and four of your friends can go through a case ($160) every month.

Maybe it is time to plan a Mazu party?

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