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Paid Viewpoint
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   Paid Viewpoint is for those Associates who feel they must do something to make a buck. That is what makes Paid Viewpoint different. None of the other products and services in the Exchange require you to do anything in order to get commissions and bonuses.

   We find it ironic you can get paid for something you usually can’t give away. After all, who wants your opinion? Ask Your Target Market, that’s who. They are willing to pay you for completing market research surveys. Admitedly, it won’t make you rich but, hey, if someone wants to pay you for telling them what you like, why not?

   They have gone to a bit of trouble to make it anonymous and less boring than surveys you may have done before. Even so, they do not pay anything near what it is worth.

   You get a buck for the info you provide when you sign up. You get "up to $25" for every person who signs up using your link. You get 20% of every survey they get paid for doing. Not so bad even when you consider you get pennies for the surveys and dollars for the recruiting. It is even better since you don’t have to do the recruiting yourself because you are a member of the Axey Association. However, it is yet to be seen what they mean by "up to $25". What is the variable? Based on what they pay for your opinion we could be in for an rude awakening when you are told your recruit is only worth $5 for some la-di-da reason.

   If you decide to use Paid Viewpoint as a "proof of opportunity," you must join the Axey Association using Paid Viewpoint. Once we provide you with a signup, you have about 30 days in which to set up your recurring memebership fee. If you fail to set it up, you will be placed on "Disassociate Status" until you are current. Should you go beyond 60 days you will be Disassociated and will no longer be eligible for membership.

   Should you decide to opt out of the Association, your membership with Paid Viewpoint will remain in place but you will no longer get signups from our service. Moreover, the Association is "easy in, easy out". Our service is intended primarily for people who cannot get an income any other way. We allow everyone to join but anyone who terminates their membership obviously doesn’t need our service.

   Should your fiscal status degenerate after termination, you would have to provide documentation of your fiscal incapacity in order to reinstate your membership.

   Get your netSpend Debit Card after you tell Paid Viewpoint what you like.

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