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Xtreme Green
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   A line of ecologically engineered automotive products to keep your cars running better and cleaner. Extreme Green is here to get more people using products that help the environment, help your engine and save users money. We have them here so our Associates can keep their cars running and looking great, save money, help the environment and make money.

   You get all the products they offer when you get on board as a distributor as part of your $150 entry fee. Keep in mind because this is a product line you have more to do if you are going to promote it in any fashion besides the Association.

   If you want to use the products but not be a distributor this could be a good Autoship Product if you can find one you use enough to buy every month.

   That is the advantage of being in the Axey Assoication: you can purchase a product that is not only something you can use but helps you qualify for purchasing more products that makes it possible for you to make more income. Not only that, it is possible you could be buying from someone in your Associate downline so their sales volume could provide you with larger commissions. Try to get that with any other MLM product.

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