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Those Ads
You must click the product image in the Axey Exchange
in order to join this product in the Association.

   This is perhaps the ultimate passive promotion opportunity in existence. You can’t do this passively with any other program. So, why is it passive promotion?

   Like any other product in the Exchange you simply sign up and order a recruit. The difference with Those is you have to place ads after you sign up. However, you get to use the ad content we provide instead of making up your own. You don’t have to promote Those when you sign up for it in the Exchange — that is passive.

   What makes it ultimate? Everyone who uses Those Ads places a different ad for a different product. Everyone from the Association places the same ads. Because all place the same ad for the same program "our" link is visible more often.

    We are not out to form a "relationship" based on personal financial gain. We want to complete a transaction for our mutual financial gain. When someone joins Those Ads in the Exchange, they have no idea who will be their sponsor. Does it matter? No. That is because you have no idea who will be your recruit either. Neither one needs to know because the recruiting takes place in the Exchange. You don’t have to form a "relationship" with your recruit because they know what to do from what they find in being member of the Axey Association. We have hundreds and thousands of the same ad running all the time going to the same place that makes us all income regardless of who gets the sale.

   The big idea behind Those Ads is to get members to put the ad box on thier Site. That is what they mean by "all over the Net," Most members of the Axey Association do not have their own Site so we cannot contribute to the number of Sites the ad boxes appear on. But we can increase the number of "our" ads shown in the boxes.

   The box you see in the Exchange is a static example of what it looks like. The one at the top of the page is active. Don’t use it to sign up for Those Ads or you won’t be in the system. The same goes for you. Don’t put your ad box on your own Site or anyone else's because if people click on it and sign up they will be your affiliate outside the Association system. You must click the product image in the Axey Exchange in order to join this product in the Association.

   Get the content for the text ads by sending an email with "text" as the subject to Text Ad Content.
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