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we$hare CrowdFunding
You must click the product image in the Axey Exchange
in order to join this product in the Association.

   They claim this is a different crowd funding platform form the other 450+ platforms in the world. We can’t verify it nor do we find it necessary. This is an extremely well thought out crowd funding program.

   You will go directly to a we$hare Crowd Funding Site when you click the image. Their referral URLs do not work in our system. Instead, we have a rotator with everyone who has put up a funding project from the Axey Exchange. If you decide to do a project after you become an Associate using some other product, you merely submit your URL as an Autoship Product in the Activity Reporter. Then send an email to admin to let us know we have to add it to the rotator. You will get the same result as you do for other products as far as getting a downline but you will not get we$hare commissions from the Association.

   Initially called Gold CrowdFunding, it was a soap box for the use of specie coin. We found it very informative and well founded. It points to why we have the gold and silver programs in the Axey Exchange.

   we$hare is not mentioned in the Exchange because it isn’t permitted to promote it by name and mention details about entry cost, donation levels, et cetera. Keep in mind it is not considered proper etiquette to promote for donations. It is OK to promote getting others to do their own crowd funding project.

   If you have any cause or charity you would like to support this is a very viable way to do it. Especially when you do it with the Axey Exchange. Like all the other products and services, we promote for you so you can get referrals without using the free lead program. If you feel you must do more to promote your weShare Crowd Funding program, we suggest using the LaidBack Promotion Plan (see LaidBack Promotion Plan). You can get free leads for life for a one time payment of $15. The Plan shows you how to do passive promotion which is far easier to do than Priceless Possibilities since you only get free leads from them by promoting which means doing Internet marketing.

   We offer the Axey Association as a way to avoid learning and doing Internet marketing. we$hare offers the Priceless Possibilities Lead system for your use. We use it and can atest it is not as easy to use nor easy to promote as they make it out to be. If you have grand ideas about promoting take a look at Internet Marketing Examined.

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