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Mlm Recruit On Demand
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   They finally put an afterburner on the MLM jet engine. Anyone who wants their MLM product to go super sonic needs this. Recruiting for MLM will never be the same. However, if you want your product to go hyper–sonic, you need the Axey Association.

   MLM ROD is the almost the perfect service to use with the Axey Association. The blemish being it requires you to be active instead of passive. A one time $15 gets you "free leads for life" that you have to call, qualify and track. They come in batches of 100 when free. If your not a phone person, they will trickle out 100 over the course of the month for $97 month that have been qualified by MLM ROD. No more beating the bush to get leads. Imagine getting 3 to 5 calls a day from prospects without spending hundreds of hours or dollars.

   That is why we incorporated the three levels of MLM ROD into the LaidBack Promotion Plan (LBPP). Although it is available in manual (you call them) or automatic (they call you), we recommend the automatic to minimize your phone time (Level 3). Granted the passive aspect of being an Associate is reduced but the advantages you gain are so great, it is more than worth it. That’s because you and everyone else will be sending traffic to the LaidBack Promotion Plan link that gives the prospect a selection instead of a sales pitch. Go HERE to see why we call it "Silver spoon fed marketing".

   The fully implemented LBPP is the afterburner of MLM ROD. You don’t process leads. You don’t make phone calls. You don’t get phone calls. You pay the subscriptions, get commissions and a never ending stream of recruits to all of the products you are affiliated with in the Axey Exchange. This is as far as you have to read. Go get the LaidBack Promotion Plan so you can have a truely ever–increasing passive income.

   Consider the difference between using MLM ROD for a single opportunity or the Association. If you get everyone in your downline to use it they still have to sell the opportuity. With the Association the prospect has a choice of products and services so they are more likely to join the Association without being sold or talked to.

   When you promote the Association and the prospect visits your MLM ROD URL they end up here. If your URL is on the MLM ROD rotator in the Exchange you get $15 or $115 depending on what they sign up for. Even better, you can get a sale when some else sends a prospect here. Best of all you can get recruits in any or all of your other products in the Exchange because of all the others using MLM ROD.

   It won’t take that many Associates using this to put the Axey Association in orbit.

   Oh, did I mention the conversions are free as an MLM ROD affiliate in the Axey Association.

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