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Magnetic Laundry Balls

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   MLB is being considered as a new product. However, there is a lack of evidence as to the efficacy of laundry balls. Some who have tested other brands claim you may as well use golf balls because they are cheaper.

   We are going to survey long term users and try them for two months to see how they work. If they get a favoralbe review and do the job, we will add them to the Exchange.

   MLB is an Affiliate Referral Product because it doesn’t have an autoship. It has more the structure of a chain letter than MLM.


   We are also taking up the MLB Challenge by polling the DesktopLightning users to see which program they believe is the better one.

   We contacted the administrator, Ilian Popov, to claim the free MLB & $500 only to be told our program has no guarantee. It was pointed out that the MLB passive promotion program operates the same way as ours. Moreover, the fact that someone can join MLB in the Axey Exchange means a person can join a passive program in another passive program. Yes, that means your affiliate Site would be promoted by Ilian and Axey. We beleive that makes Axey a better program.

   What do you think? If you want to vote on the $500 Challenge, go HERE.

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