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Lightyear Wireless
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   Lightyear offers unlimited talk, text and web with no contract or deposit for $60 a month. Lightyear Wireless uses the Sprint network but their hardware is not the same so you have to get a phone from Lightyear in order to use the service. They are a telephone service provider not a reseller. As such you get more responsive customer service from Sprint than with Lightyear because you can access Sprint in person.

   You get 10% off all purchases by yourself and 10% of the gross sales of your site then there are the other levels, bonuses, et cetera. It takes over a dozen in your downline to cover the cost of your phone and monthly fee. Free phones are available for a 2 year contract.

   Now that we get your recruits and customers, you don’t have to sell your friends on a free phone. Instead, you can make friends with the ones who sign up now that you have something in common.

   This is a good replacement product if you use over 1000 minutes a month on your cell phone.

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