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You must click the product image in the Axey Exchange
in order to join this product in the Association.

   LeafIt is a new twist on the social site scene. You post pictures of items that you like and they will find out the details on the item such that if a person clicks on the picture and eventually buys the item, you get a commission. You get everyone you can to join so they are the ones who see your posts. They get everyone they know to join and they see you posts, et cetera, et cetera. Your commissions go 12 levels deep.

   Needless to say, joining LeafIt in the Exchange works just like all the rest. Your recruits are added without your effort whether you are waking, sleeping, eating, working or playing

    Joining for free only means your commissions are not as large as they could be but it will take time before you get any recruits so you can wait and see if you have any doubts or don’t have the bucks.

    They have two affiliate URLs. One is and the other is is the one you use to join the Association as it is how you make commissions.

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