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Home Tec
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   You could argue HomeTec has a product needed by every homeowner and renter in America – an association with nationwide membership providing access to a variety of home services, benefits and savings, including home improvement, repair and maintenance, and other consumer needs for your home and auto.

   This one sells itself more so than all the others. There are too many reasons to want what it offers. Even so, make sure your are getting what you need.

   No homeowner should be without it but you need to review it closely as it is more to do than most of the other programs. You may even want to do it as an Autoship Product just get the service.

   The commission structure rewards personal sales. They want you to tell everybody about it and are willing to pay you for it. We encourage you to do so, but don’t use the Prospector to get more first level sales as it is already building your downline deep. If you want or need a lot of first level recruits, it is better you do it the old way.

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