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Green Organics — Slim Extreme
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   Slim Extreme is one of five weight loss products in the Green Organics weight loss product line. A natural, wild crafted and organic nutrient dense supplement that helps to provide you with control over unhealthy cravings and gives you smooth long–lasting energy without the jittery feelings typical of most weight loss formulas.

   Cell–U–Lite is another one. A blend of essential oils for topical used to take care of the difficult to lose cellulite.

    Yet another is Slim Raspberry Ketones Crystalline Powder. Raspberry Ketone is an organic compound present in raspberries. It’s a potent fat burner and completely free of typical weight loss side effects.

   Slim Extreme and the other weight loss products are but a few of the line of products offered by Green Organics that include nutritional support, essential oils, sensual enhancement, personal care, home care and pet care. They strive to use organically grown or naturally occurring wild crafted plants and herbs in all their products.

   Green Organics is one of the Axey Health & Weight Management Plan’s products. Together they are used to manage your weight and maintain your health. It was the formation of this plan that proved to be the seed for Axey Exchange and the Axey Association. Recognizing that all of these products could be used to compliment one another contributed to seeing that several consumer based MLM products could be marketed together to the advantage of all.

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