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GFT Global – Green Fuel Tabs
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   GFT Global is a marketing company for Green Fuel Tabs. They are new, Green Fuel Tabs are old. Green Fuel Tabs were developed to burn fuel more efficiently. GFT Global is here to get more people using them. In so doing they help the environment, help your engine and save users money. We have them here so our Associates can save money, help the environment and make money.

   Keep in mind the autoship quantities treat about 200 gallons of fuel which is far more than most anyone working from home will use. The average driver uses about 40 gallons a month.

   You can only give away or sell so many without turning it into a part–time job.We tried to sell them on eBay but it was only people who already knew about them that purchased them. All we accomplished was to give them a good deal. The point is you only make money when you are a distributor and get an autoship. Make sure you have a plan to deal with your extra tabs before you jump (they are edible but very crunchy).

   IMPORTANT: If you are going to use or promote Green Fuel Tabs you need to establish a "baseline". It establishes what your milage is before you started using Green Fuel Tabs. It serves two purposes: one, you can prove to customers it worked for you, two, you can prove to GFT Global it didn’t work and you can get your money back (you could be the first).

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