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Youngevity – Go Foods
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   For those who want food that lasts, you have just found the place to get it. They have a wide variety of packaged foods that prepare in minutes but can be on the shelf for 20 years. Wholesale prices for members and they claim you’ll be hard put to keep from eating your stash. Forget MRE’s, those who have tried it say it tastes great (in a blog, not on the Site).

   At 25% commission it takes about 35 referrals for you to break even. It may take a year to get there but your food is paid for. Can you do that with Winco?

   If survival food products is where you want to spend your money you will have no problem here as an autoship product.

   Be patient when you get to the Youngevity site and don’t find GOFoods. You have to click on "I Want to Join" or "I Want to Shop " and look for GOFoods under "BRANDS" the menu on the left. If you decide to join Youngevity, be sure to be on the "Home Page" and click the link "I Want to Join".

   Youngevity is free to join but you cannot get commissions until you are on autoship with one of their many products.

   This is may not be a good product to cover your Autoship Product requirement as there are so many products you are better off being an affiliate.

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