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Giant Cinema

You must click the product image in the Axey Exchange
in order to join this product in the Association.

    Couch Potatos rejoice, get paid because others watch free movies and TV. Your upline will rejoice when you watch (that’s when he gets paid).

   There is no downline, so you don’t have to buy conversions. Everyone goes on a rotator that distributes signups to all. Every signup provides a commission stream that is based on the number of ads displayed to the user.

    Referrals work a little differnetly with the Giant Cinema, If you give someone your Axey Referral URL and they sign up forGiant Cinema, you will not get a referal in Giant Cinema. However, you will get a $20 Referral credit in the Association. If someone signs up in the Exchange and your name is on top of the list, you get a Giant Cinema sign up but no Axey Referral credit because your marketing URL was not used. It is possible to get both, but it is also possible to win the lottery.

   The number of chains is the number of times the rotator has cycled.

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