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Get Rich Radio
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   Get paid to learn? How about getting paid because you are getting paid to learn? "It really is free. Nothing to buy, noting to sell, just login and start earning cash immediately."

  Get Rich Radio is yet another instance of the utility of chain marketing (see Internet Marketing Examined) inaugerated by Axey Services. By referring a product in the Exchange you are promoting the Exchange. By being a member of the Association, your products are being promoted every time anyone refers a product in the Exchange. By purchasing (or using a free product) a product or service in the Exchange you are promoting it by default. Hence, we call it "Promotion thru Purchasing".

   Get Rich Radio is in pre–launch and having a tough time staying on line. We have found it difficult to login as the Site is down more than it is up. In any event there is hardly an easier way to make an income than Get Rich Radio unless it is joining Get Rich Radio as an Axey Associate.

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