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   This promises to be the way to go for those in the know. If you can’t grow your own or will settle for shipped instead of shopped this is for you.

   The program has gone through changes. They are operating as the Garden Fresh Co op now instead of My Organic Acres. Like many good ideas, what looks good on paper doesn't always work in cyber space. They have dropped the "watch it grow garden plot" and added a Farmers Market for year round shopping.

   Many of the farms are in Oregon’s Willamete valley but, like California, they ship all over the United States. But those who are within 200 miles get the best deal in terms of cost and freshness. Get in soon and you not only have organic food delivered to your door but it will be the basis for an income stream paying for your food (or at least some of it).

   Keep in mind that the produce in stores often sits around for days before you buy it. With Garden Fresh you get fresh produce within days of being harvested. Plus, you don’t have to drive to the store at $4 per gallon, find what you want, stand in line and pay more.

   We have been getting weekly shipments during the growing season for over two years. All we can tell you is you will be hard put to get the same quality at a farmer’s market or a whole foods store. Forget Safeway, Genardi’s, and Albertson’s.

   This is the ideal product for anyone living in the Portland-Salem area of the Willamitte valley who prefer organic and/or need to have it delivered to their door. That’s because you pay less than what the organic costs at Fred Meyer or Safeway.

   We have added the Garden Fresh Co op to the Axey Health & Weight Management Plan’s list of products. Together they are used to manage your weight and maintain your health. It was the formation of this plan that proved to be the seed for the Axey Exchange and the Axey Association for Cooperative Advertising. We recognized that all of these products could be used to compliment one another and saw that several consumer based MLM products could be marketed together to the advantage of all.

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