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   4 Corners has its own category that doesn't quite fit what the service is all about. 4 Corners, like all the products in the Exchange is a moneymaker. It just has the potential to do it faster and easier then the others.

   The product is financial information packaged, more or less, as advice. They are financial monographs on how to handle your assets to your greatest advantage. It is sort of a subscription when you follow the prescribed Pay–it–Forward process. However, you may purchase them as a retail customer so it is almost an Associate Product (it would be if it had an autoship). But because you must subscribe to the newsletter to be an affiliate we decided it is more a Subscription Product.

   You have to agree to purchase two Pay–it–Forwards to be an affiliate but the second one is taken out of your commissions so you only need to take $18 out of pocket.

   Using 4 Corners to join the Association is a real One–Two Punch. You have started the matrix at 4 Corners (picture a slippery slide into a pool of money) and are set up to get the a recruit from the Association. That makes your chances twice as good your Pay–it–Forward will be used sooner than later. And, like all the other products in the Exchange, the same is true for all that follow.

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