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Dollar Shave Club
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   This is a great deal even if it wasn’t in the Exchange. When you purchase your razor at the Dollar Shave Club in Axey Exchange, it qualifies for the best deal on planet earth.
   Watch out Gillette, Schick and all the rest. This is going to make it possible to shave for less than a fourth of what you pay now. If there was ever an argument to start shaving this is it. Dollar Shave Club has to be the easiest and cheapest product to do in the Exchange.

   Just pick your razor, pay and done. It is only a question of time before you get a signup and a $5 credit. Imagine shaving for ten years for $90. Or, 20 years if you do every other month, it is an incredible bargin. The first 1000 to sign up will get at least 6 referrals.

   The also have shave butter and other products for getting the job done in the bathroom.

   There is no downline, so you don’t have to buy conversions. Everyone goes on a rotator that distributes signups to all. Every signup gives you a $5 credit towards razor blade cartridges and other products.

    Referrals work a little differnetly with the Shave Club. If you give someone your Axey Referral URL and they sign up for Dollar Shave Club, you will not get a $5 credit in the Dollar Shave Club. However, you will get a $20 Referral credit in the Association. If someone signs up in the Exchange and your name is on top of the list, you get a $5 credit but no Referral credit because your marketing URL was not used. It is possible to get both, but it is also possible to win the lottery.

   The number of chains is the number of times the rotator has cycled.

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