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   If you have money to throw away on the lottery, these are for you. Technically, the payment is more like buying a lottery ticket that depends on promotion instead of spinning the "wheel of fortune". Promotion is our bag and we are devoted to making sure you get something for your "ticket".

    If you have ever purchased a lottery ticket, you should join all of these because, unlike the lottery, your chances of getting something sooner or later are as close to a sure thing as you can get. It is more a question of time before you get someting for your ticket with any of them.

   CAVEAT EMPTOR! Because cash generators use matricies and don’t have autoship or subscription fees (sure signs of a Ponzi scheme) they are like Social Security and, like any other Ponzi scheme, these programs will eventually stall (Social Security started in 1940 and still has a year or two to go before stalling).

   Those who like the lottery may find Cash Generators less exciting because it is only a matter of time before you "win." The only way you can loose is if they stall. That is less likely because they are in the Exchange. Even though they all usually reach a point of diminishing returns and stall out, with our service, we can keep them going far longer as people will be more willing to re-enter if they last longer.
    If you see it here, it hasn’t stalled yet.

   This is the showcase for our Axey Prospector. It is here you see the power of Chain Marketing. We build your downlines deep and wide. Your downlines are built in the cash generators just like we build the others. Actually, all our products are cash generators. However, along with the cash comes a product or service.

   Because you may be doing this to check out our program, we suggest you use the post–pay option when you order your conversion so you don’t have to take anything out of pocket.

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