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Bon Voyage 1000
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   If you want to be a traveler and not a travel agent, BonVoyage1000 is an international travel club for those who want to make world travel a part of their lifestyle.

    Your membership allows you to book directly through a travel consolidator of cruise, condo, hotel and resorts all over the world. The consolidator buys travel wholesale, and passes the savings on to the member at significant discounts. They claim you’re always guaranteed the best available price on condos, cruises, hotels, and resorts with BonVoyage1000.

   The income opportunity is based on a cycling matrix filled by the Axey Prospector and your own effort. You can get as much as $1800 per cycle. Because there is a one time payment when you sign up, you must recruit continuously if you are going to make any money. If you want to focus on travel, you can leave it to the Prospector to take care of recruits.

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