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Bid for My Meds

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    We don’t recommend over-the-counter drugs, but if you are going to use them why pay full price? By paying a one–time $7 you become a Retailer who can submit their prescription and have suppliers bid to fill it. You can also pay $17 and become a Reseller. It is from the retail sale the Reseller gets a commission.

   As such, if others are going to use them, why don’t you add to your income level while they save money? Every Retail signup provides a commission stream that is based on the quantities sold. We make sure everyone gets at least 10 personal referrals so they are eligible for the $4882 per week compensation level.

    We found this in the terms & conditions: "Distributors must fulfill published retail sales requirements, as well as supervisory responsibilities, to qualify for compensation." However, we couldn’t find any specific published retail sales requirments. Our guess it is merely necessary that those who you refer must make purchases and those purchases must be sufficient to merit disbursing your weekly commission payment which will not happen unless there are sales that made it possible.

    Referrals work a little differnetly with the BidforMyMeds. You do not get any commissions, bonuses or the like for being a Reseller. If you give someone your Axey Referral URL and they sign up for BidforMyMeds, you will not get a referal in BidforMyMeds. However, you will get a $20 Referral credit in the Association. If someone signs up in the Exchange and your name is on top of the list, you get a BidforMyMeds sign up but no Axey Referral credit because your marketing URL was not used. It is possible to get both, but it is also possible to win the lottery.

   The number of chains is the number of times the rotator has cycled.

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