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   AiYellow is an absolute must for any business tempted by Google Pages.

   It pays to advertise but it pays even more to get paid for advertising.

   If there ever was a situation where you can’t loose, this is it for any brick and mortor business in the world.

   When you take out a Google Pages like ad in the AiYellow Pages as an Axey Associate, you open the door to an ever growing income from paying for your ad.

   Expense to income could never be sweeter. You not only increase your income because of the ad, you increase your income because you are advertising.

   Does it get any better than this? Yes, get more products at the Axey Exchange!

   Being a AiYellow affiliate is far from a walk in the park. The program is full of options and requires several hours of exploration to find your "comfort zone"

   Even so, you will find every hour you spend very worthwhile in the long run.

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