Axey Association


$5 For Free
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in order to join this product in the Association .

   Get paid $5 for signing up! Then get paid for those who sign up after you! Or, pay $10 and get paid 10 times as much for those who sign up after you!
   Sounds good, doesn’t it? You can’t say it sounds too good to be true because you do get $5. However, you have to suffer through one or both of two things before you get your greenback.
   CAVEAT EMPTOR! If you take the free route, you will be subjected to a survey. Should you survive the experience with your humor intact, you will have to promote until you have accrued $35 in your account before you can withdraw. Being an Associate, that translates into waiting until Axey has promoted enough for you to get your $35.
   If you take the paid route, you still have to wait for your money. The Money Plug In gets you 10 time as much as the free member so you won’t have to wait as long.
   Their main thrust is to build a list so you can market to it. Duh, if you have Axey who wants to? Anyone who signs up after you will be in Axey unless you refer them yourself. Go ahead and promote it if Internet marketing is in your blood.
   Treat it like a cash generator with a $5 head start and you’ll do fine.
               (That way you can be pleasantly surprised.)

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